Photograph of Anastasia Lang


My given name is "Stacy," which comes from "Anastasia." Several years ago a dear Ukranian friend decided to call me "Anastasia," or "Nastia" for short, it stuck and I prefer it to my given name. I will answer to all three, but all my friends call me Anastasia or Nastia.

I grew up somewhere in east Tennessee, where I studied fine art and graphic design at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, then went on to work in television news (WDEF-TV 12) and video post-production (Tel-A-Train) as a graphic artist. I have since lived on a 90-year old sailing barge in London, owned a ghost tour company in New Orleans, started a scooter club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and currently reside in San Diego, CA with my husband, a Navy officer, and our three dogs, Muppet, Dougal, and Guinevere. I am a freelance graphic artist and photographer and canine massage therapist.


My cameras of choice are a Nikon FM2 and a Chinese Holga medium format for film and Nikon D-200 and D-300 for digital. I use many films, but my preference for black and white is usually Ilford HP5 Plus. Many of my older photographs were printed using the traditional wet darkroom using trays, with Ilford or Agfa papers, and Ilford and Kodak chemicals.

Now I use mostly digital methods, including scanning negatives to digitise them for manipulation, retouching and printing.

For digital photos and scanned film, I use Macintosh computers for retouching and an Epson 4800 with archival inks for printing. For papers, I use acid-free fine art papers like Epson's beautiful Velvet Fine Art paper, or a selection of different papers from Legion and Arches Infinity. I'm always experimenting, always learning.

The prints are matted and framed to high standards by my husband who uses museum-quality acid-free mats, he cuts and paints the wood for framing. We also protect the photos with preservation UV glass, for pictures that will be enjoyed for decades to come.


Shows and Experience-Graphic Design & Photography:

Photography (Exhibitions & Clients):

San Diego, California--
Vintage Religion
Rumi Café, Del Mar
Coffee & Art

Tulsa, Oklahoma--
Apertures Photo and Gallery
Blue Moon Bakery & Café
Tulsa Artists' Coalition Gallery

Portland, Maine--
Bow Wow Sophistique
Uffa Restaurant
The Kitchen Restaurant
Casco Bay Gallery
The Crooked Mile Café
Benkay Sushi Bar & Restaurant
Blue Note Bar

Uzio Gallery
Association for Visual Artists exhibitions

Clients (Design and Photography):

Benkay Sushi Bar & Restaurant
Bow Wow Sophistique

The New Orleans Ghost Tour
OffBeat Magazine
Three-Dog Bakery
Hospitality Enterprises
The Bombay Club

LunaGraphx is the name of my graphic design and photography company. My motto is "Design for Fun" because that's the kind of design I want to spend my life doing. Life's too short for conservative and boring design, graphics should be fun.